Vision and Core Values

To achieve the academic excellence through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, to enhance and sharpen the knowledge and skills in students to make them suitable for job-market, inculcate the human values to grow them as responsible citizen for society, nation and the world.

To achieve excellence in curricular activities
  1. By identifying the global competencies, challenges and opportunities in field of higher education.
  2. By imparting effective Teaching-Learning by the use of technology and modern equipment.
  3. By implementing various Educational Initiatives and schemes for skill development by the Government of Gujarat.
  4. By encouraging teachers to participate in FDP, STC, Refresher Courses, ARPIT, SWAYAM Courses and Orientation Programmes.
  5. By motivating students to learn Indian Knowledge System.
For all round development of the Students various co-curricular activities are planned and organised
  1. Under Saptadhara, Sports and NSS
  2. Athletic and Festivals celebration
  3. Under various Governmental Initiatives including Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat, Clean India, Green India etc
For Knowledge and Skill Development
  1. The college regularly organises seminars, workshops, Webinars, e-events and orientation programmes in which eminent scholars of national and international repute are invited to share their expertise on various topics.
  2. It encourages students and staff-members to participate in Competitions and Academic Events at University, State and National and International level.
  3. It organizes various activities under UDISHA and SSIP and motivates students for research, entrepreneurship and employment.
  4. Under Governmental Initiatives of Skilled India such as Finishing School, UDISHA and SSIP, various activities and events are organized with a purpose to enhance students for research, entrepreneurship and employment.
  5. The college also organizes Vocational training under RUSA scheme at local level.
The college makes sincere attempts to inculcate human values.  
  1. Under NSS, various activities including spreading awareness among the rural people and providing them information about welfare schemes of government are organized NSS.
  2. Our students contributed in Utakarsh Campaign of Government of Gujarat which aimed 100% saturation of four key schemes of the state government in the district, Bharuch which will help provide timely financial assistance to those in need. Hon’ble Prime Minster of India appreciated the attempts of District Administration.
  3. The College organizes NSS Annual Camp in which values like humanity, cleanliness, kindness, cooperation, hygiene, are taught indirectly from practical experiences.
  4. Under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Initiative the values of national unity, fraternity and nationalism are inculcated.

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