GACC (Government Arts & Commerce College), Netrang is a State Government Affiliated College established in year 2001. The campus dwells within the tribal belt of eastern part of Gujarat. We have a big campus spread in 10 acres of land. We started with the motive of enlightening maximum students with their basic right of Education and we are proud to share that we have been greatly fulfilling our motive along with the pupils’ dreams. Education is the first step of any nation’s growth and development. Along with education, we also aim to incorporate good human values to the students. All of our faculty members are well learned all with Ph.D. and are dedicated for their research work and imparting ethics all around.

Our Philosophy
Our mission is to cultivate and evolve skills based systems for awareness and effective delivery of knowledge so as to train young professionals with commitment and dedication to brilliance in all domains of life. Our vision is to build well acquainted society with self-esteem, team spirit, logical temper, hard work to appear for universal competitive encounters.

Core Values
We believe in providing high quality education through upgraded facilities, faculty development and continual improvements in the whole system. At Government Arts & Commerce College, we have co-education system with a unique atmosphere that is an exceptional blend of the traditional systems of learning processes and the modern day technologies along with soft skills development. Over the years, learners have been greatly benefitted in their overall skills, peculiar endeavors and while fronting placement interviews.

Campus Features
  • We have Clean and Green Natural Environment totally a treat to eyes, heart and a learning mind which accelerates the intensity of learning. We have well maintained gardens. We have more than 1500 trees and plants and the count is increasing continuously.
  • We have a very important system in the campus that is rain water harvesting with two submersible motors.
  • We assure our campus to be absolutely hygienic and plastic free.
  • We have different sports grounds for all the major outdoor games and athletics activities.
  • We have an open air auditorium where various technical and cultural events are held.
  • We have well supplied canteen to avail the students, faculties, staff and visitors.
  • We have well planned parking system separate for the students and faculties.
  • We have a TV room for the in-house entertainment break.
  • We have reading rooms for dedicated and silent readers.
  • Our campus is installed with 27 kg Solar System fully operational.
Technology Integration
  • We have Namo Wi-fi system in our campus.
  • Our classrooms possess smart system with OHP (Over Head Projector) setup.
  • We have high-tech Computer Labs.
  • Our whole administration process is computerized.
  • All of our faculty members are facilitated with separate computer systems for research work, assignments & sessions’ preparations, maintaining the records etc.
  • The whole campus is under CCTV surveillance.
  • Our library books structure is equipped with QR code system.
  • We have heavy duty cleaning machines for campus daily hygiene.
  • We have Printers and Scanners facility.

GACC – Netrang