Student’s Union

Elected body of students Committee is responsible for co-ordination between the college and its students. The committee works with elected representatives of the departments and societies. To make each event of college a grand success. And also ensures that each student gets the best out of their college experience.  

Students union 2019-2020

Sr.No Post Name Contact
1 General Secretary (G.S.) Mr.Sunil Vasava 9773481044
2 Ladies Representative (L.R.) Ms. Reena Vasava 9712464272
3 Class Representative (C.R.) Ms. Sonal Vasava 9586632158
4 Class Representative (C.R.) Mr.Jayendra Vasava 8347617704
5 Class Representative (C.R.) Mr.Vikram Vasava 8141248364
6 Class Representative (C.R.) Mr.Harnesh Vasava 8469566001
7 Class Representative (C.R.) Ms.Urvashi Vasava 9537340733
8 Class Representative (C.R.) Ms.Tulsi Vasava 9712480621